NS2 Server is now Ranked!

Come check our Natural Selection 2 server out. Enforced (x64 Xtreme OC)


connect to join through console.

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August Giveaway! Make NS2 Great Again!!

In celebration of the glorious republic that is LuckyFkers, I have decided to do another giveaway thus helping to further LuckyFkers desire to make NS2 great again!!
LuckyFkers is proud to announce both the newly updated streamlined website and the updated server for better performance respectively.

So on to business for the August giveaway!

                                                                   RULES & QUESTIONS:

#1:  You must of course register on to enter and claim your game if you win! ;)

#2: Post below the giveaway for this respective month in the comments section below with your name you use in game so we can know who the heck you are so that no one else can take your winnings if you do win!

#2: When you post below this months giveaway using your account, you will be entered in this  months drawing for the chance to win one featured games listed! Congratulations on taking your first steps in helping Make NS2 Great Again!

#3: There are now no play time requirements for entering to win any games!!!!
Simplified and streamlined to Make NS2 Great Again!

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New NS2 server!

We have changed servers make sure to add to your favorites! Enforced (New Hardware)


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