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Author Topic: NS2 Server Rules  (Read 304 times)

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NS2 Server Rules
« on: Fri, Jul 07 18:39 »
10 Simple rules either abide by them or be punished.

1. Respect everyone, any trolling will not be tolerated.
2. DO NOT Spam MIC or med/enzyme requests, any abuse you will be dealt with.
3. No Recycling is allowed thats what concede is for!
4. Any Exploiting/Cheating will get you banned.
5. Refrain from using excessive profanity.
6. NO SEXISM/RACIAL names or slurs allowed.
7. Spectating is allowed to a extent, Keep it minimum.
8. Team switching is only allowed if are making the teams even.
9. High pingers that warp will be kicked and banned if necessary.
10. Admins decision is final listen or be punished.

Happy hunting.



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Sep 6
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