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All Support / BBCode Type Formatting Issues
« on: Wed, Aug 09 19:37 »
"「url」" forces "http://" , allows "https://", does not allow protocols (steam://)
            **additionally rewrites "steam://" as "steam//"**

Code: [Select]
↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓is modified to↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

Code: [Select]

Allow for steam protocols:

Code: [Select]
if (strpos($data, \'http://\') !== 0 && strpos($data, \'https://\') !== 0 && strpos($data, \'steam://\') !==0)
$data = \'http://\' . $data;

Natural Selection 2 / NS4/Hive 3
« on: Fri, Jul 14 00:59 »
I have it on good authority the following 2 items:

  • Hive 2.x alternatively 3, intended release for October/EoY 2017.
  • NS4 (Combat is counted as "3" by devs) currently in planning/early development.

Source: Dev Team Members (currently involved)

Natural Selection 2 / Server Mods
« on: Fri, Jul 14 00:55 »
For those who know me I'm boohooforyou,
After some long idle talks with Trollo and others for some time about some specialized mods for LF now seems the perfect opportunity to publicize.

I cant guarantee the extend of the mods by comparison to some other "[gem]stoned" servers have
(pseudonym cause the owners a friend),
but having had experience with said servers alongside other dev projects, I have proposed the following previous in-game talks.

Any help from experienced programmers/designers is welcome. 
Other suggestions/mods/contributions to be considered.
Production/proof is intended to begin in early August 2017.

At this time with the "reset", i would also offer to Trollo that we follow through on having a badge specifically for registered members of the site/active players for easier identification and community building.

Proposed modifications follow:
Color Mods for weapons/tech:
   -bullet leads
   -chemical flames (alternate colors)
   -scan color
   -texture mods (scope undetermined)
   -phase gate mods (alien use / scope undetermined)

Game Protocols
   Conceed/Surrender completed with Majority Votes (51%↑, not 75%)

Game Modes (similar alterations as siege/infection)
   Capture the Flag
   King of the Hill

New Levels (Map Mods)

Looking for programmers/coders/artists for development collaboration/support.

Project Name   (Tentative):
Natural Selection: V.I.S.T.A.
Variation, Inheritance, Selection, Time and Adaptation.

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