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Natural Selection 2 / Re: Server Mods
« on: Sun, Oct 22 21:16 »
Im still waiting for the bluish flamethrower for the exo  ;D

Announcements / NS2 Server is now Ranked!
« on: Fri, Sep 15 14:17 »
Come check our Natural Selection 2 server out. Enforced (x64 Xtreme OC)


connect to join through console.

Announcements / New NS2 server!
« on: Sun, Jul 30 13:12 »
We have changed servers make sure to add to your favorites! Enforced (New Hardware)


Announcements / New NS2 server testing!
« on: Fri, Jul 21 22:17 »
We are testing a new NS2 with new hardware so far it's looking good. Make sure to look for us and add to your favorites!

Name: Enforced (New Hardware)


Giveaways / Re: #EVGA18 is on!
« on: Tue, Jul 18 13:31 »
Nice hopefully you win that graphics card!

Natural Selection 2 / Re: NS4/Hive 3
« on: Sat, Jul 15 14:34 »
Yes forget subnautica rather have NS4..

Announcements / New site design
« on: Tue, Jul 11 21:20 »
Hope you all like it.

Natural Selection 2 / NS2 Server Rules
« on: Fri, Jul 07 18:39 »
10 Simple rules either abide by them or be punished.

1. Respect everyone, any trolling will not be tolerated.
2. DO NOT Spam MIC or med/enzyme requests, any abuse you will be dealt with.
3. No Recycling is allowed thats what concede is for!
4. Any Exploiting/Cheating will get you banned.
5. Refrain from using excessive profanity.
6. NO SEXISM/RACIAL names or slurs allowed.
7. Spectating is allowed to a extent, Keep it minimum.
8. Team switching is only allowed if are making the teams even.
9. High pingers that warp will be kicked and banned if necessary.
10. Admins decision is final listen or be punished.

Happy hunting.

Natural Selection 2 / Donor Information
« on: Fri, Jul 07 16:48 »
First of all thanks to everyone who has already donated.

The donor benefits are listed below.


Donations are essential for keeping the servers, and website up, which cost $80+ a month.

$5 for server badge.
$10 minimum for a reserved slot + badge some server commands.
$20+ for all the above and server mod commands.

Any abuse will result in termination.

Announcements / LF Site is now back!
« on: Fri, Jul 07 14:07 »
The website had a major overhaul switching to php 7 from 5 which provides much better performance throughout, sadly the old forum version did not work properly with the upgrade so all posts and members we're deleted unfortunate but it had to happen for the better anyhow enjoy the site and re-register if you haven't already.

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