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Title: August Giveaway! Make NS2 Great Again!!
Post by: CandyBaconWeave on Sun, Jul 30 16:10
In celebration of the glorious republic that is LuckyFkers, I have decided to do another giveaway thus helping to further LuckyFkers desire to make NS2 great again!!
LuckyFkers is proud to announce both the newly updated streamlined website and the updated server for better performance respectively.

So on to business for the August giveaway!

                                                                   RULES & QUESTIONS:

#1:  You must of course register on to enter and claim your game if you win! ;)

#2: Post below the giveaway for this respective month in the comments section below with your name you use in game so we can know who the heck you are so that no one else can take your winnings if you do win!

#2: When you post below this months giveaway using your account, you will be entered in this  months drawing for the chance to win one featured games listed! Congratulations on taking your first steps in helping Make NS2 Great Again!

#3: There are now no play time requirements for entering to win any games!!!!
Simplified and streamlined to Make NS2 Great Again!

#4: At the end of the month, we will make a drawing of all those names listed below and then update this post on with the names of the respective winners!

#5: If your name is called on at the end of the month as a winner, you have to post again saying what game you want that is still available from the respective list of available games.

Q: Can I post my name I use and the game I want right now or do I have to post twice?
A: You cannot post what games you want now if you win. You must post again a second time which of the available games left you desire if you are among the chosen winners in this months Giveaway.

#6: These games are claimed on a first come, first serve basis so check back often and carefully read the comments to make sure you do not waste your first post trying to claim an already taken game!

Q: Is there any ways to increase my chances of winning? 
A: Yes. 1: All donors will still get two chances in the raffle but can only win one game.
2: If you join the LuckyFkers steam group as well, you will also see an announcement  that the winning LuckyFker's have been selected in the activity feed! This helps you to post as sooner.
3: You can also edit your profile settings to give you an email announcement each time a person comments below or a new topic is created! This also helps you to post sooner.

Q:Where is the luckyFkers Steam group. I cannot find it and am too lazy or drunk to figure out steam right now. Please Help!
A: Fear not! You can find the link to join the LuckyFkers Steam group here!   8)  8)

You have to make sure click the join button to get announcements from the group in your activity feed on Steam!
Q: Can I make requests for games or donate games to this giveaway?
A: Yes you can. Simply contact me through steam. There is no guarantee on adding requested games but it is worth a shot for future giveaways.  ;)

 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

That is it! All the rules and questions that are asked and answered.
So let's get to that list of games already.  ;)



  DARK SOULS?: Prepare To Die? Edition

  Dead Sky

  Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together

  Dying Light

  Euro Truck Simulator 2
  Flesh Eaters
  Goat Simulator with DLC Goat Simulator: GoatZ

  Gun Monkeys

  Hyperspace Pack

  Just Cause 2

  Just Cause 3 XL

  Metro Redux Bundle

  Minion Masters
  Offworld Trading Company

  Painkiller: Black Edition

  Player Unknown Battlegrounds


  Prey 2016 Release Game, not to be confused with the also epic P.R.E.Y. Released in 2005 

  Primal Carnage


  Quake IV

  Rise of the Tomb Raider?

  Rocket League?

  Two Worlds II HD
  12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull

Special Thanks to all whom donated over the years, both time, money, and games that helped to make the LuckyFkers community as great as it is today and made it stay that way!
  Thank you! <3 ;)

That is all for now! New games may be added by myself, moderators and other admins by editing this post slightly to include them.  Simplified and streamlined! Making NS2 Great Again! Good Luck to all our LuckyFkers this month!
Title: Re: August Giveaway! Make NS2 Great Agai
Post by: Quan2three on Tue, Aug 01 17:36
I want PUBG!  Use my stored raffle chances that i haven't used since back then -=)
Title: Re: August Giveaway! Make NS2 Great Agai
Post by: pinion on Wed, Aug 02 01:12
do vegetarians eat animal crackers?

Title: Re: August Giveaway! Make NS2 Great Agai
Post by: Trigger on Wed, Aug 02 18:07
Title: Re: August Giveaway! Make NS2 Great Agai
Post by: EditMan on Wed, Aug 02 18:15
EditMan. plus i had donated $10 the last time this contest was up. I am hoping that the extra entry is still available to use. 
Title: Re: August Giveaway! Make NS2 Great Agai
Post by: Maddness on Sat, Aug 05 03:28
its a me  Maddness
Title: Re: August Giveaway! Make NS2 Great Agai
Post by: Taz-Khmer on Sun, Aug 06 23:37
Yeah? Oh my!
Title: Re: August Giveaway! Make NS2 Great Agai
Post by: DarkSasuke on Mon, Aug 07 22:32
Title: Re: August Giveaway! Make NS2 Great Agai
Post by: boohooforyou on Wed, Aug 09 18:41

is here.
Title: Re: August Giveaway! Make NS2 Great Agai
Post by: CandyBaconWeave on Wed, Sep 06 19:49
You all win again obviously due to the sheer number of games on the list and the lack of entries.. So few entries as usual and some really great games hidden in that pile of awesomeness too!

 Commence Posting what games you want. Remember! First Come, First Serve!

Winners Announced!
Title: Re: August Giveaway! Make NS2 Great Agai
Post by: EditMan on Wed, Sep 06 19:59
Yeah! I'll take metro redux bundle.  :)
Title: Re: August Giveaway! Make NS2 Great Agai
Post by: DarkSasuke on Wed, Sep 06 20:58
Pubg please :)
Title: Re: August Giveaway! Make NS2 Great Agai
Post by: Trigger on Wed, Sep 06 21:52
Factorio please
Title: Re: August Giveaway! Make NS2 Great Agai
Post by: pinion on Wed, Sep 06 22:23
P R E Y !
Title: Re: August Giveaway! Make NS2 Great Agai
Post by: boohooforyou on Thu, Sep 07 03:02
.... i guess ill take darksouls...stupid timezones...

i dont even think i can activate it in japan though..
Title: Re: August Giveaway! Make NS2 Great Agai
Post by: boohooforyou on Thu, Sep 07 03:11
P R E Y !
unless you care to change your mind?
Title: August Giveaway Make NS2 Great Again
Post by: Warnerzen on Wed, Jan 16 08:48
Since the Giveaway went inactive, I picked the closest number. The number was 47. AFK Freeze won with 49.
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